Rumorthe awaking essay

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Rumorthe awaking essay

Before the Revolution ofEbadi described women as more liberal in Iran. She wore western clothing, was educated, and interacted with both males and females. She was also free to protest without getting executed. Ebadi described a protest at the Tehran University where a crowd of students including her, gathered to protest high tuition fees.

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She described how the protestors were dressed, the women in miniskirts and the men in short sleeves. This type of behavior or fashion sense would have been unacceptable during or even after the revolution. Before the revolution, women had more rights.

It was a very secular system, not tied to religion. The judicial government was the legal system which people thought was still fair and just. The Revolution had a big impact on Iranian culture. Their trip was less only than a month and by the time they returned to Iran, Tehran was a completely different city.

The streets had been renamed after Shia imams and martyred clerics. Ebadi said she remembered walking in the court and passing from hall to hall noticing how the men were no longer wearing suits and ties. Instead they were wearing plain slacks and collarless shirts, some wrinkled and even stained.

Rumorthe awaking essay

Wearing dirty clothing became a mark of political integrity. During this time she was forced to wear a veil, relieved of her position, and was demoted to a role that was below her qualifications as a lawyer. She had heard rumors that Islam was forbidding women from being judges.

In her eyes, she was sure they would not go after her and if they did, then she was sure that everything would be over for women in the justice system. She was the most distinguished female judge in the Tehran court and in her mind, she figured that her published articled would secure her expose.

This was not case.

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Once the clerics succeeded in overthrowing the shah and strengthening their power, Ebadi was stripped from her judgeship. She was demoted because she was a woman, first to a clerk and then to a secretary in the very courtroom over which she had presided as a judge.

The revolution impacted all women, not only Ebadi. Criminal penalties and relations between the sexes were to be set back 1, years.

Ebadi did not allow this to spoil her marriage. Although she knew that her husband did not have any bad intentions, she feared for what might come in her future and the fact that her husband had more power than her made her uneasy. After the revolution, conservative clerics forced her and all other Iranian women judges to step down, and she turned to legal practice.Military metaphors are commonly used in everyday conversation.

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