Media law case studies essay

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Media law case studies essay

While some areas are susceptible to changes in the economic scenario, others thrive. Areas like civil laws, business laws, intellectual property laws, environmental laws and E-discovery laws are some of the most preferred areas.

Business laws govern broadly the areas of commercial transactions, sales, mortgages, contracts, bankruptcies etc. Business law case studies involve dispute between two legal entities regarding such issues.

Students of law schools are given such situations of dispute in order come up with possible legal solutions. Any law student will vouch for the fact that such legal case studies are exciting and at the same time challenging.

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Here are some of the broad areas of dispute which can also serve as subjects for potential legal cases. Areas of business laws Banking laws Banks are financial institutions which are regulated by legal statutes. Such laws may operate both at the level of state as well as at the federal level.

Media law case studies essay

Banking laws control interest rates, operations of checking accounts, receipt and transfer of checks and other negotiable instruments, insurance amount for deposits etc.

Bankruptcy laws Bankruptcy laws provide for reduction and elimination of dischargeable debts and can provide timeline for the repayment of certain non-dischargeable debts. Consumer credit laws Disputes arising between consumers and credit card companies are dealt under such laws.

Media law case studies essay

Contract laws A contract is a legal agreement between two persons which create certain obligations which are enforceable by law. Disputes arising out of breach of contract are quite common. Tenancy laws Tenancy laws govern the agreements between tenants and landlords for residential and commercial property.

Disputes regarding terms of tenancy contract are quite common. Mortgages A mortgage involves the transfer of a landed property as a security for loans from banks and other financial institutions.

Sale laws Transactions for the sale and the leasing of goods are governed by sale laws. Most of the disputes are related to the terms of the sales agreement Business law examples with solutions Here are examples of business laws from a variety of legal scenarios.

All these examples have been taken from actual case studies given to students at legal schools. Before we try to answer them, here are few tips which you must remember.

Always remember that the purpose of writing a legal case study is to put briefly the complex and tangled legal materials which are available on a case so that the readers can quickly scan through them.

Break the elements of the case study into different subheads: We must start with a short description of the case. It should cover all the major points of dispute.

Next, state the legal facts of the case: Such basic legal information is essential in court cases.In order to know how to write a law case study, it is necessary to grasp the individual motivation, know the structure and the format of the case study.

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The main principle of such papers is to provide a brief that the professionals in the area would understand the main claims, facts, issues or holdings.

Company Law Case Study Help Students, when they study in colleges and universities get numerous assignments to do that can make their life difficult leaving no time for personal activities.

During the first few semesters, the topics assigned to you by the teachers or professors may seem to be quite easy/5(K). Media Law Essay Creating a website is not a difficult chore.

Anyone with Internet access and basic typing skills has the ability to publish content, instantaneously available for the world to read. There is also an evidentiary problem when law enforcement and media join forces to prosecute criminals.

Are outtakes, notes and other reporting tools now part of a criminal investigation? In one case a district attorney’s office announced it would not prosecute cases during one of .

Media Research > Ethics Case Studies > Anonymity for rape victims Should the rules change? The names of rape victims traditionally have been withheld by the news media to “protect” them. It includes key case law and legislative developments regarding the use of social media throughout the employment relationship, from the use of social media in hiring .

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