Jazz impacts on society

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Jazz impacts on society

Source Socio-Historical Analysis A style of music that has had a huge impact on American culture is the early styles of Jazz. The youth was being corrupted by the music in the eyes of many and Jazz impacts on society them to dance in ways that were never before seen.

It was considered obscene to be jitterbugging. It was looked upon by some to be a sexual act that was performed while wearing clothes. Today most people see this type of music as mild when compared to what the youth is listening to today. We as a culture have strayed away from that primitive mindset and are more open to bodily expression.

The human body is no longer seen as obscene an image as it used to be. I cannot speak for everyone though, but our culture as a whole is a lot more tolerant of sexual imagery than it used to be.

It used to be considered blasphemous to wear the clothing that you see in some music videos today and I would argue that Jazz played a huge part in challenging the social norm and helping bring about a more open minded society. Jazz had not only a huge influence on music and music theory, but it also stretched the boundaries of dance.

Without the controversy of early Jazz our popular music of today would probably not be what it is today and the way we dance to it would most likely be significantly different. The whole flapper girl style of dress was heavily related to the Jazz scene. The style seemed to inspire people to challenge the social norms because Jazz itself challenges the social norms of music.

Jazz impacts on society

The chord structures of Jazz were new at the time and used extensions to create a new sound that had never been heard before. Some people called it devil music. Women were taking a stand and refused to be denied any privilege that men had. Jazz music had the effect of loosening people up.

It was about feeling good and having fun. To me it seems that Jazz music got the ball rolling on social equality.

It had a part in decreasing sexism and racism. Now we just need a new music revolution that will challenge classism and help to tear it down.

Jazz pulled people out of their comfort zone for many years as in continued to evolve as a style of music. Free Jazz came along an abandoned the whole idea of a key or tonal center in order to achieve an unbound form of musical expression.

Some people called this complete noise because there is no real form or meter to the music. The style of Jazz was continuing to challenge the idea of what music is and made the fine line between music and noise even finer.

Without the challenging of tradition we will never innovate. Because of the Jazz style musical innovation was set to warp speed. Jazz Performer Buy Now Even after all of the negative remarks about early Jazz it continued to shape our society for the better.

It had a firm influence on getting the ball moving on a lot of social issues. When Jazz first came along almost everyone had the same idea of what music is.

Music was believed to be something that was mathematically porportioned in order to imitate beauty. Challenging this tradition of thought gave rise to many different beliefs of what music is and how it should sound. Now we have a multitude of views that give rise to new and interesting ways of going about making music.

Jazz has helped to extinguish tradition and that is what music should do. If we continue to uphold tradition simply for the sake of tradition we will see a lack of innovation and progress as a species at a slower rate.


The mindset of early Jazz musicians was to innovate and they did that by abandoning the traditional way of going about playing music. Tradition is simply going about doing things the old way and there is little sense in doing that.

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Art has always reflected expression and it is because of its popularity that gives it such an influence.Ron Dewey Wynn, co-founder and executive director of the Mill Street Jazz and Culture Society in Philadelphia, teaches inner city kids to appreciate the history and training in jazz music and calls jazz “African American Classical Improvisational Music” (Dawson, ).

I started to hear the rumors about layoffs about a year before they happened. I knew that I had time to figure out what to do because the company was known for . Nov 22,  · Even after all of the negative remarks about early Jazz it continued to shape our society for the better.

It had a firm influence on getting the ball moving on a lot of social initiativeblog.coms: 4. initiativeblog.com Tue, 04 Sep + initiativeblog.com?p=41 Thomas. Spread of Swing Jazz in Society: Books and other forms of literature that were about social dancing,spread.

Technology such as television and radio helped spread the sounds and moves of Swing. Jazz impacts on society.

Jazz impacts on society

Topics: Tap dance, Acro dance, Competitive dance Pages: 1 ( words) Published: November 3,  Jazz I chose the form of dance called Jazz because it is the most fun to work with. Jazz dance is more of my style because it isn’t slow, it’s .

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