Green burial

The environmental and social impact of the cut flower industry is greater than most know. Toxic chemicals used in embalming, lacquered wooden caskets buried beneath the ground, polished stone, and marble tombstones permanently altering the landscape are all things that cause extensive and lasting damage to surrounding ecosystems. But there are alternatives. Natural, or green burial, which seeks to mitigate the environmental impact of death, has recently been growing in popularity.

Green burial

Green Burial Back to the earth When planning a funeral you may be interested in investigating some alternatives to the traditional funeral. Traditional funerals tend to be incredibly expensive and may not offer the chance to honor the decedent in a way that feels appropriate.

Green burial is one of those new ideas that actually came from a very old idea. Early American Puritans eschewed any ceremony that was wasteful or seen as pompous, so this type of burial was common. Green burial also called direct burial means that the body is buried in a simple container, with no embalming which requires formaldehyde and other chemicals and much less ceremony.

The funeral costs of a green or direct burial are likely to be much less than a traditional service, as there are no fees for care of the body, viewing time or transportation.

Going Green Green burials tend to be viewed as more environmentally friendly than traditional burials or even cremation. This means that green burials can be a great way to have personalized funerals for people who were environmentally-conscious.

However, you might also want to consider the bereaved when planning a green burial. The traditional funeral format is a familiar and established acknowledgement of a death, allowing people to mourn the loss of a loved one. Remember, funerals are for the living and you have to keep their feelings in mind.

Green Space Green burials often take place in special reserves set aside for just this purpose. Between five and ten people a year are interred there, though the trend is catching on and numbers will likely increase.

In other areas of the world, such as Great Britain, direct burial is a more accepted practice. There are over direct burial cemeteries in the UK alone.

It is even more environmentally friendly because the body is cremated soon after death without undergoing embalming.An online book condensation of a useful guide on green burial by Natural Burial Company founder Cynthia Beal that explores and explains trends in an emerging movement that will help us think more wisely about a natural end.

Not all green burial sites are the same. Some sites attempt to preserve the land in its natural state, but others do not. Some guarantee the land is preserved in perpetuity, but others do not.

W H A T I S G R E E N B U R I A L?

Green burial

Green, or natural burial is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat.

Green Burials. Seagrass and wicker caskets. Green means choices! Anything and everything you need to know about Green Burials can be found on the Natural Burial Company’s offer every imaginable resource for every kind of green burial option you might consider.

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A small but growing number of people across the country are opting to decompose directly into the earth. In a survey by the AARP, 21 percent of Americans older than 50 said they would prefer. Green Cemeteries in the United States Green Cemeteries Green Funeral Homes Books Articles California - Forever Fernwood [email protected] Forever Enterprises Tennessee Valley Road.

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