Effects of video games on the mind essay

When using technology, we often focus optimistically on all the things it does for us.

Effects of video games on the mind essay

The critical essay explains the harmful effect of video games on people, especially teenagers. It provides the viewpoint of great researchers and scientists in the sphere of psychology and computer games.

Statistics data proving the huge problem of video game dependence is given in the essay. There is also explained the recent avalanche-type growth of demand on videogames, based on violence, that became the subject of public discussion since in Kentucky and Colorado states teenagers-killers reproduced in real life what they often did, playing videogames.

There are given practical advices on how to avoid video game dependence. Computerization in our life has been a usual thing for a long time and brought quite big problems along with its benefits.

A computer is an instrument, with the help of which it is possible as to make money, to communicate, as well as to learn a lot of useful information. But the matter is in the way of using it. It also concerns computer games — especially because they are very fascinating for children and teenagers, but also for adults.

Many scientists and sociologists consider today, that computer games are drugs. They cause habituation and it becomes difficult to get out of the habit. Not everyone realizes that such games are very harmful Cogburn It is proved that cruel videogames have a negative influence on children.

Such conclusion was made by the honored professor of University of the state of Iowa USA and the director of the Center of violence researches Craig Anderson, who studied the results of scientific researches with his colleagues, covering thousand people.

Children become more aggressive in ideas and behavior, unconcerned, asocial, their capacity to empathy declines. Thus there is no difference, how old a child is, what sex and race he belongs to.

It is also unimportant, what method of research was chosen by psychologists. Result is always the same. It would be logical to suppose that children of 10—12 years are of more influence, being yet not formed in the social-psychological look, but research does not confirm such theoretical letups.

At the same time the American academy of pediatrics published the results of regular research, the results of which do not promise anything good to gamers, reports the agency of Reuters with reference to the publication in the magazine of Pediatrics. During two years doctors intently observed three thousand of Singaporean schoolchildren, who spent different amount of time playing videogames.

Effects of video games on the mind essay

Frightful fact was ascertained: Even those, who succeeded to avoid game mania, confessed that craving for games grew considerably for them. An amount of children with psychical disorders was not announced. Research shows that the youth who spent maximal time by the game became very impulsive, social skills became worse; at majority there were noticed displays of deep depression syndrome, groundless fear and social phobia.

It is proved that video games do effect the players in some ways, since it appears that players get so wrapped up in the game that they forget their surroundings and begin to see the game as a real quest Kardaras Summarizing everything was told above, it is seen that the video game industry has grown to the proportions of the movie industry, and shows no sign of stopping Kooijmans Videogames become part of mass culture.

Developers amaze imagination of gamers with more enthralling and realistic novelties. They become easy-excitable, sleep badly.

Age census of computer dependence is teenagers and young people up to years. In fact the immature psyche of teenager cannot resist the perfection of games, with the brightness of image and growth of possibilities, imitating reality.

For the change of consciousness and principles of co-operating with the real outward world, for a teenager one hour of dialog with the virtual world can be enough. Modern games entirely imitate the constituents of battle scenarios: Their majority is built on the imitation of violence — violence which is managed by a player!

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The IELTS writing task 2 sample answer below has examiner comments and is band score 9. The topic of social media is common and this IELTS essay question was reported in the IELTS test. Effect of Video Game Violence on Children and Teens Essay Words | 7 Pages Violent video games can lead to aggressive and violent behavior in .

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