Adidas group vision and mission

Where does your brand stand today; and where does it need to be? As each client is unique, our team of social strategists will work closely with you to design a successful strategy, one specially tailored to help you kickstart reaching your target group in the right way, at the right time, at the right place.

Adidas group vision and mission

Its Superstar was the top selling shoe of The reason cited most often in this regard is the effectiveness and success of its marketing efforts.

Adidas group vision and mission

Nike poses a tough challenge before Adidas and Under Armour. However, the German Sports brand Adidas still has an impressive presence and ambitious plans for the future. This is a discussion of its branding efforts and the marketing strategy which it has renewed to focus its efforts on some key markets.

Brand that believes in sports Adidas is a sports brand and by saying a sports brand, it means a brand which believes in the emotion of sports and the power of sports to change lives.

The mission of Adidas is to be the best sports brand in the world. This mission is anchored in its core belief that through sports big changes can be brought about. Its target market is mainly the youth.

However, it connects with every person whose heart is with sports. Several of its products are popular across all the age groups. In the recent years, it has brought some major changes to its strategy. Still, everything that it does has the customer at its core.

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The brand is trying to create a difference and the new strategic changes could mean a major step in the direction of developing a financially successful and sustainable brand. Product range and pricing strategy The brand has a comprehensive range of offerings including footwear, apparel, equipment and services.

It caters to everyone interested in sports from professional athletes and elite teams to common people who love sports. Lower promotional prices attract customers where they are also offered the regular higher priced items.

However, the intense competition is also a reason behind adopting this strategy. The advantage is that it enables Adidas to cater to large segment of customers. So, Adidas in general maintains high prices except for the introductory pricing on new releases. This has resulted in higher popularity in areas where the popularity of soccer is high like Europe and South America.

Adidas group vision and mission

However, in comparison to its competitor Nike, its appeal grew less in areas like North America where basketball is more popular. To overcome this weakness, Adidas has embarked on a new three-pronged strategy. This three pronged strategy has three things as its core focus — speed, cities and open source.

Speed is an important pillar in this strategy where Adidas has decided to be a fast sports company in the real sense — Fast at dispensing products and faster at decision making. This will include a reshaping of the entire business model to bring it in a new avatar before the stakeholders.

To grow its market share faster, Adidas has decided to focus its marketing efforts on six key cities that include New York, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles and London.

The plan also makes sense because a large part of its target market is found in the metropolitan cities. The third pillar of its strategy focuses on the involvement of key stakeholders.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. In the second quarter, adidas currency-neutral revenues increased 10%.

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Revenues at the adidas brand increased 12%, driven by double-digit growth in Sport Performance, on the back of double-digit growth in the training, running and football categories, as well as high-single-digit growth in Sport Inspired.

Community engagement and support for those in need ('relief efforts') are key components of our corporate culture. For many years now, adidas has been working closely with a number of different organizations on both local and global level and has been actively supporting communities.

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