A comparison of archos 605 and ipod touch

No, I do not live in a cave, I just took a conscious decision not to own one. So I decided to ask the tech-savvy readers at Ghacks to help me make my decision.

A comparison of archos 605 and ipod touch

Our old Archos gmini came with everything you could want included. Although they are in the same price cateogry, they each have very different trade-offs.

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The Archos is a great video player with its big screen and the full range of video options and accessories including built-in video output and optional video recording. There's no substitute for a big built-in hard drive when it comes to storing video and a big music library. But it's physically the biggest unit, and the WiFi web browsing is an afterthought that costs extra.

The iPod Touch is small and svelte by comparison, and the touch-screen interface is cool - it just works more smoothly than the others. The video quality of the screen is good, and WiFi web browsing was built in from the beginning.

But the small built-in storage is limiting, and battery replacement is a problem. The N is in-between in size.

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It is intended as a communicator and web appliance first, and a media player second. It throws in extras like Bluetooth, a built-in webcam, and stereo speakers.

A comparison of archos 605 and ipod touch

The dual SD card slots are more flexible than the iPod's built-in memory, but offer less capacity than the hard drive of the Archos.

Its use of Linux is both a strength and a weakness: I do like the way you can click on the Application Library browser, browse a wide range of available apps, and when you see one you like you can just click to download and install over WiFi.

I ended up buying the N this time around, since I already have a hard-drive iPod for storing my music and a couple of other video playback devices. The killer app for me was that the N runs Skype.I will use as a basis of comparison my collection of MP3 players (ok I’m an addict so sue me!) which includes iPod Touch 2nd Gen 32GB, Creative Zen WiFi 16GB, iPod Classic GB, Archos GB, Archos 30GB, iRiver Clix2 8GB.*) GB: gotta love all that storage space, especially since the new Apple Classic tops out at GB now it.


A comparison of archos 605 and ipod touch

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Web site: New Archos WiFi Now Available-Only Portable Media Player Offering Wireless Movie Downloads. Archos. Archos. Web site: Archos WiFi (Flash) Firmware Download. Laptop Mag reviews and benchmarks the latest laptops, tablets and 2-in-1s; takes you hands-on with new products; and helps you save time with smart tips.

Tom's Guide / Tom's Hardware. Jul 17,  · ipod recommendation Jul 16, hi. i just returned from a trip overseas and it was grueling.

For divx movies the best choice would either be an Archos / or a Creative Zen Vision. Refurbished iPod touch $ In reply to Greg Erker • Jul 17, thanks for a very good suggestion; i'll definitely look into it.

Apr 15,  · Nokia N vs Archos 5 Internet tablet.

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The specs alone are enough to make the iPod Touch and its OS pointless. twitter / flickr / tumblr. , AM #3 Medellín, Colombia Posts 1, Device(s) Samsung Galaxy S Carrier(s) TIGO Feedback Score 0. i have an archos wifi, and as a player it blows the itouch i also have a N

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